BRUTAL JOHN is a fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS that fuses together crazy storyline about crypto-mining technologies, with inspired gameplay from the cult classic shooters of the '90s. Rip apart alien enemies, destroy mining technologies, save the world.

Luzilian, the evil mutant, has captured the world using crypto mining technologies. He is the main mining boss of the universe. Those who control crypto mining - controls the world. And only one man can stop it - Brutal John.
BRUTAL JOHN Reveal Trailer

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OldSchool Laws Interactive is a three-man indie team, found in 2012. Most of the team members are former 3D Realms employees. Team have worked on a lot of AAA, B, mobile, and indie titles. Each team member have 12+ years of gamedev experience and 24+ years of gaming experience.

Our goal is simple – we want to create most fun, and polished retro based games, in the best traditions of cult classic games.
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